do88 V2 Intake System Plastic VAG EA888


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Presenting the do88 V2 Intake System for VAG 1.8 2.0 TSI EA888 engines, engineered for perfect compatibility with both MQB and MQB EVO (EA888 Gen4) platforms!

This comprehensive kit has a full-frontal inlet scoop, spanning towards the entire width of the radiator support. It delivers the massive, custom-designed cotton air filter with a steady stream of cool, fresh air. This design ensures a direct, efficient airflow path to the turbo while maintaining proper filtration.

With streamlined aesthetics, the intake system demonstrates how well form can meet function. The clean, minimalistic design completes your engine bay and underlines the quality and performance of the system.

For those who prioritize raw performance over visual appeal, our plastic version of the intake system is the ideal choice. This model ensures you get the full power and efficiency, without focusing on under-the-hood aesthetics. It’s a perfect solution for those who believe in function over form while seeking top-notch performance.

The system is compatible with both original and larger turbo inlet hoses, making it versatile and compatible with almost all setups. With the addition of our separately sold performance inlet hoses, you can effectively eliminate all airflow bottlenecks before the compressor housing, allowing your turbo to breathe unrestrictedly!


  • Large, custom-designed cotton air filter with densely knitted cotton gauze fabric. The filter is delivered without any filter oil applied. Therefore, we recommend that the air filter is applied with cotton filter oil to increase air filtration if you drive your car in dusty environments. Choose the BMC Filter oil, part number „WAFLU250„.
  • Washable air filter for optimum performance and long service life.
  • We recommend cleaning the air filter every 10.000 km. Use a universal cleaning product designed for cotton air filters. do88 offers BMC Washing fluid, part number „WADET500„, suitable for this purpose.
  • A full-frontal inlet scoop, providing unrestricted airflow to the air filter.
  • Optimized for tuned engines, hybrid turbos, and big turbo kits.
  • Up to +16 hp / +30 Nm increase on a Stage 3 vehicle (VW GTI mk7).
  • Increases airflow up to 44% on factory turbo inlet hose (measured on VW Golf mk8 GTI Clubsport), and up to 84% combined with the do88 performance turbo inlet hose (do88-kit240).
  • Compatible with do88 performance turbo inlet hoses, OE turbo inlet hoses, and any aftermarket turbo inlet hose designed for the stock air box connection.
  • Reduced pressure drop and less strain on factory components compared to stock.
  • Improved throttle and boost response.
  • A fluent design with no sharp or harsh bends or restrictions.
  • Produces an enhanced induction sound from the turbocharger and diverter valve (DV).
  • Compatible with most future mods you can think of, i.e. turbo upgrade.
  • Quick and easy installation using factory airbox mounts.
  • Suitable for cars with/without SAI. SAI filter sold separately.
  • Comes with a water drainage opening at the bottom of the airbox.


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