do88 Intake system, GR Supra A90 / BMW Z4 G29 z inlet


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do88 proudly presents the Intake System for Toyota GR Supra 3.0 A90 (MK5) and BMW Z4 M40i, engineered for high power outputs!

Filtration, airflow and heat are the key considerations when designing a new intake system for a turbocharged engine.

Our do88 intake system has been developed to provide the turbo with good filtration, improved airflow path while also maintaining low inlet temperatures. One design challenge for this B58 Gen 2 Intake system is location, it is just next to the exhaust manifold which rapidly heat soaks this position in the engine bay.

High air intake temperatures are terrible for the engine performance as the turbo would have to build boost with hot, less dense air. This is why a fully sealed intake system is the only way to go to ensure IAT’s are kept to a minimum. A fully sealed system however has a challenge since it results in a restriction with only one stock air feed in the bottom of the air filter box to draw air in from. During development we noticed the system must have a secondary air feed to remove this restriction. Our sealed airbox also has a heat shield to minimize the radiative heat transfer from the exhaust manifold. To guarantee enough air volume around the filter we designed a large 7” airbox which of course also leaves space for strut braces.

As replacement of the stock intake hose with designed a smoother larger carbon tube. It starts with a diameter of 105mm (4.1 inches) and tapers down seamlessly to fit the turbo inlet. Fitted to the intake tube is our large custom-designed air filter. The filter has a densely knitted cotton gauze for superior filtration.  It is of course washable and reusable for optimum performance and long service life.

The system comes in a few different layouts. It is compatible with the OE turbo inlet – but also with the do88’s CNC machined Turbo inlets. Our turbo inlets are avalible in two different versions, for OE or Pure 800 hybrid turbo. Both have a huge 89mm (3.5″) hose connection towards the inlet pipe and it has a carefully calculated flow optimated radius which greatly improves the air flow. The addition of the do88 Turbo inlet effectively removes all bottlenecks prior to the turbo to avoid surge even et high power outputs!

Tests conducted in our SuperFlow SF1020 flow bench, clearly demonstrates the importance of this optional Turbo inlet. The intake system alone offers a substantial XX % airflow increase. Combined with the do88 Turbo inlet (for OE Turbo), the overall airflow increase is a whopping XX %! We strongly recommend this combination.

The original air filter box and turbo inlet hose are designed with elements that minimize the noise produced by the turbo and the air induction. Specifically, the factory intake hose features two sound silencers to ensure the turbo operates quietly. In contrast, our intake system comes without these noise-reducing elements, allowing a more audible turbo spool and induction sound.

The kit comes in three versions, depending on turbo application:

  1. Without the do88 turbo inlet. The intake system connects to the OE plastic turbo inlet.
  2. Including the CNC-machined do88 Turbo inlet* designed for OE turbo. NOTE read*.
  3. Including the CNC-machined do88 Turbo inlet* designed for Pure 800 turbocharger. NOTE read*.

* The do88 Turbo inlet does not incorporate any crankcase heating element which means the car´s cable connector will be disconnected. We recommend making a custom tune to avoid CEL (Check Engine Light).

Key features:

  • Large 105mm (4,1”) custom-designed cotton air filter with densely knitted cotton gauze. The filter is delivered without any filter oil applied therefore we recommend that the air filter is applied with cotton filter oil to increase air filtration if you drive your car in any dusty environments. You can for example use BMC Filter oil with part number „WAFLU250”.
  • Washable air filter for optimum performance and long service life.
  • We recommend cleaning the air filter every 10.000 km, please use universal cleaning product designed for cotton air filters. You can for example use BMC Washing fluid with part number „WADET500”.
  • A fully enclosed / sealed design, ensuring that only cold air is supplied to keep the IAT´s low.
  • Precision-engineered, design-optimized for unrestricted airflow.
  • Optimized for tuned engines, hybrid turbos and big turbo kits.
  • Increases airflow up to 24% combined with the optional do88 Turbo inlet designed for the original turbo.
  • Reduced pressure drop and strain on factory components compared to OE intake.
  • Improved throttle and boost response.
  • Smooth design with no sharp or harsh bends or restrictions.
  • Produces an enhanced induction sound from the turbocharger and diverter valve.
  • Compatible with most future mods, i.e. turbo upgrades.
  • UV and heat-resistant, high-gloss clearcoat for lasting protection.


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