VOLVO S60 V60 XC60 2009-2017 INTERCOOLER


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This is a self-designed performance intercooler from do88 for an easy drop-in-fitment in your Volvo S60 V60 XC60.

Significant advantages with do88 performance intercooler (OEM intercooler):
– Greater core volume: 11022cm3 (6532 cm3), 69 % bigger!
– Air flow at 0,15bar/2,18psi pressure drop: 353 CFM (342 CFM), 3 % higher!
– Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 31°C (45°C), 14°C lower!
– Fits all cars in the list below!

This intercooler is constructed to deliver the best cooling efficiency during tough conditions. Exclusively manufactured in aluminum with continuous welds, it guarantees reliability and endurance when you really need it. The increased core volume improves cooling efficiency and lower the intake air temperature. Naturally, this being a do88 performance product, we have executed thorough, severe and continuous tests developing this product to ensure best performance. Not one compromise has been made. This intercooler is immensely optimized to the given space for an easy drop-in-fitment.


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